Member Spotlight: The Best Ever Brownie Company

The Best Ever Brownie Company was a name that was bestowed on Craig and Solance’s business from the very beginning by customers. After quickly growing a following back in 2015 with their perfectly gooey, truffle like bakes, they grew from a literal garden shed to their current brownie HQ on a beautiful farm location in Wiltshire. 

So guys, why brownies?

Our brownies started life in our cafe in 2015, where they very quickly gained a reputation of their own – don’t worry, it was a good reputation.

Customers came flocking in to buy “the best brownies ever” (a little insight into where we got our name from!). We had spent many hours working out the exact recipe, rewriting it, experimenting with flavours, to ensure the brownies were perfectly fudgy, gooey and delicious, and from there, in 2018, The Best Ever Brownie Company was created as a stand alone business…in a shed, in the garden!

Fast forward a few years and we are happily relocated to a beautiful farm location in the Wiltshire countryside where we have a wonderful converted Barn Café, which is open every day serving brownies, breakfasts, lunches and much more! Our professional kitchen is where our team of brownie mad bakers and staff spend their days creating those delicious treats, dreaming up new flavours, packing up all the orders and helping customers in any way they can to make sure their brownies are perfect, every time. We also have a beautiful shop in the MacArthur Glen Swindon Designer Outlet Village, showcasing our wonderful brownies for the shoppers there 364 days of the year!

Best business lesson you’ve ever learned?

Research who you work with, not every person who says they want to work with you is a legitimate business! We learnt that the hard way!

What makes your brownies the best ever?

Our unique selling point is our truffle like texture that melts in the mouth! This is due to our high quality ingredient quota, you wont see a smidge of cocoa powder or margarine in our brownies just the best quality Belgian chocolate and pure butter is what makes our brownies the best around.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Seeing the business grow as we expand into a larger factory where we can fulfil more customer needs and focus on business to business wholesale sales.

What do you love most about working in the independent hospitality industry?

The joy you give people through a beautiful treat! We always say, there is never a sad face when it comes to giving someone a delicious fudgy brownie!!

What famous song best sums up your business?

Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac!! We want to go our own way and trail blaze in the brownie industry!

What’s your motto?

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground (stolen from Teddy Roosevelt!)

Do you have a sweet or savoury tooth?

Both! We cant choose!

Recommend your favourite restaurants to us?

Oh nice question, we are both veggie so our favourite is Oak in Bath

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