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Established for 14 years, the team at Colden Human Resources is working in partnership with NCASS to help members to take the people management pressure away from your business by providing expert advice and services to reduce risk by developing a best practice, ethical approach to your HR – as and when you need it.

Every business has different HR needs; however, ALL businesses have a minimum HR compliance requirement with regards to working standards set out in UK employment law.  All UK companies must observe this legislation and ensure it is met in their policies and procedure documents as well as any staff manuals and employment contracts.

Colden HR Free Health Check

We’ve created a FREE HR Healthcheck so that you can benchmark your current HR arrangements and help you to individually identify any potential HR risks with your current processes and practice.

After completing the form someone from the Colden HR team will be in touch to discuss any issues which have been flagged.

Your Free HR Health Check

Do you have a specific HR question or issue?

As part of the NCASS Partnership, you can access a free initial telephone consultation with Colden HR.  Following the consultation, if you need advice, have a specific HR issue, a complex case or are missing important documentation from your current processes, you will be offered a quote for services at a discounted rate for NCASS members.

Fees and charges

NCASS members will receive a discounted rate of £100/hour plus VAT with a minimum charge of an hour, billed thereafter in 15-minute blocks. The bookable call with Colden HR will be billed for 1 hour but you will receive 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In addition, if you have a Premium / Premium Plus or Pro Membership, you can access FREE ‘how to’ guides to aid you with;

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Recruiting New Starters.


Employing your New Starter


Managing your Employees

Contact Colden HR :

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0121 284 0852

Working hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.30am

Colden HR will respond to requests within 24 hours of the working week.

If you need support out of hours please see this information

* Please quote your NCASS membership number.


Contact Patricia and the team at Colden HR to discuss the gaps you currently have in your business.

See the free guide entitled ‘Recruiting New Starters’ **link to this guide**
If you need a 1-2-1 with Colden HR please contact them directly for a bespoke quote at the discounted rate for NCASS members.  They can assist with best practice procedures, importance of following a recruitment framework and using skill and competency based questions with a matrix of desirables and essentials to ensure a fair recruitment process is achieved.

Yes, you need to be aware that specific restrictions apply to the working hours for workers under the age of 18.

By having a job description, you will find it easier to recruit to a new post as it will be obvious what skills and experience they need to have to do the role.  Job descriptions also help to keep your employees on track by making it clear what you expect them to do.

Yes!  HR can often be undervalued but the team at Colden HR genuinely believes that people are the greatest asset any business has and often a reason why businesses succeed or fail, so getting the foundations right from the start can only benefit any growth plans.

Yes!  Colden HR can write a bespoke policy for you, other policies you might also want to consider include use of mobile phones; distribution of tips; uniform policy and dress code.

Yes, please contact Colden HR for advice prior to taking any action.  This can be a tricky area of HR for employers if not handled correctly.

This is a particularly complex area of employing people.  As a minimum, if an employee has a baby, they are entitled to take 52 weeks maternity leave. Talk to Colden HR how you manage this leave and pay staff who are pregnant or recently had a baby.

You clearly want to do the right thing by your employees and encourage mutual acceptance/respect.  Contact the team at Colden HR directly, they can advise you and ensure you have the right policies in place [email protected] or call 0121 284 0852

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