We are a resilient, innovative sector. Adaptability is our middle name and our members have worked with best practice advice & guidance since NCASS began. The current climate is incredibly difficult, however, there are steps you can take to keep your business going and changing the way you do business by exploring the possibilities around a delivery, collection or takeaway model could be one of the answers. You will have heard in webinar #005 and seen across social media that many of our members are seizing the opportunity to work with a different business model and re-inventing their businesses.

We want as many of you as possible to be able to work safely through Covid-19 and so have produced a guide to working though Covid-19 as a delivery, collection or takeaway service.

We take you through what you need to know; from Food Safety Management to Licensing, packaging, labelling and more – this is the how to guide if you are looking to expand or change the way you trade. It is designed to help you assess your current facilities and systems so that you can decide if “pivoting” your business to a takeaway and/or delivery service is for you and work through the changes you will need to make to keep within the law.

This week, additional guidance has been released by the Government and The FSA, our guide covers the useful guidance provided by both and has been specifically written for the mobile and independent catering sector. We recommend that you read the new guidance from BEIS and the FSA and we are confident that these three resources will enable you to make the changes you need right now.

The new guidance from BEIS was released on Monday and provides an overview for food businesses to make workplaces as safe as possible and give people confidence to go back to work during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as setting out practical steps in order to do so. For our sector, the guidance provides advice on the day to day running of food businesses with predominant focus on managing risk and contact. The guidance includes managing and protecting employees, social distancing, managing contact in the workplace as well as inbound and outbound goods and cleaning procedures.

As you will know, we work closely with the Food Standard’s Agency and the release of today’s guidance (13/05/20) ‘Reopening and adapting your food business during Covid-19’ goes a step further, providing advice and guidance with a focus on the hygiene processes and requirements that must follow to safely operate food businesses. With guidance for farming and agriculture, food manufacturers and restaurants and takeaways respectively, each of these settings has been investigated and key advice developed. From Food Safety for delivery businesses including registration of your business to Managing Stock, Food Hygiene Ratings to effective cleaning, this guidance is a perfect partner to our how to guide on delivery, collection & takeaway.  

Please download our new guide, fill in all the necessary documents within appendix 2; Covid-19 Controls (the updated version of the Covid-19 Compliancy Pack) complete with useful resources and upload them to your members area and remember, we are always here to support you,

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