Caterer Spotlight: Golden Cup Coffee

Golden Cup

Golden Cup Coffee have been serving up smiles and those oh so precious hits of caffeine for a few years now after having to navigate the difficulty of Covid early on in the company’s history. We spoke with owner Gabriel Danko to discuss how Covid affected the business, what is their favourite cup of coffee and to lift the lid on producing the perfect cup.


Can you pour out the Golden Cup origin story for us – how did the business come to be?

So after 4 years of high street barista work my knowledge accumulated about coffee and the industry. I wanted to excel in coffee but with a personal stamp, so the next step was to build my own platform which came to life in 2019.

So you established the business in 2019 – how tough was it when Covid hit and how did you navigate those unprecedented times?

The uncertainty gave me a big push, my philosophy was that if I could thrive now there wouldn’t be any obstacles that I could not overcome in the future. Building a mobile takeaway coffee outlet hit the spot during Covid as it was exactly what people needed.

And how have you found trading post-pandemic?

Following the pandemic it was all about slowly adjusting to the loosened rules and regulations. The next aim was to ensure I had a full diary of events to take pressure of myself and concentrate on staying creative within the business.

What do you think is the most important facet when it comes to choosing a pitch?

Finding a pitch is hard, but not impossible. I think it is all about stamina and how many times can you be told no and carry on searching. Clear communication is a real catalyst, everyone has to be on the same page from the land owners to the local council.

What do you love the most about working in the hospitality industry?

There’s many positives but one of the things I love about the industry is that no day is the same. Especially being mobile guarantees you a variety of venues and incredible people. Never thought I’d say it but I look forward to Mondays.

Personally what is your favourite type of coffee to drink?

I’m a big fan of a coconut vanilla flat white. Short, sweet with a kick.

What is one thing about being an independent trader that you’ve found more challenging than you maybe thought it would be?

Building a brand and breaking into the market. This was a struggle at first but with time people saw the value we bring to the table and finding work was no longer a problem.

If you could go back in time, what is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self before starting your business?

Stay focused and consistent, the rest will come with time.

What makes the perfect cup of coffee?

Your perfect cup of coffee should be crafted from fresh ground coffee and topped with silky textured milk.

Based on your own experience, what steps do you think are integral to the long-term success of a business?

Character. People love people, being an approachable person in business is everything. Also letting go of the idea that you know it all, as there is always something new to learn. Dreams are the best motivators.


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