Free Energy Review for All NCASS Members with EIC


Wholesale energy prices have fallen by 900% since their peak in 2022.

As an NCASS member, you are entitled to a FREE Energy Review from EIC Partnership.

You can potentially take advantage of this recent drop in prices to secure a favourable contract for the future.

EIC Partnership’s expert and unbiased analysis of your energy usage and bills will help you find the cheapest energy procurement solution.


Why act on energy now?

Today’s wholesale energy prices are at their lowest in over two years.

During the August of 2022, the price of buying electricity for October 22 – March 23 was £850/MWh. Fast-forward to today, the price currently stands at £81/MWh for October 24 – March 25.

That’s an enormous 900% drop.


Protection from future spikes

Now is possibly a perfect opportunity to secure your budget figures by opting for a fixed-price energy contract.

This ensures you’ll pay a fixed rate, protected against any future price volatility for energy costs.

By locking in your energy price today, you can may be able to save on your energy bills if your contracts were signed since 2021.



About EIC Partnership

With nearly 50 years in the energy industry, EIC Partnership is trusted within the sector.

Our clients range from small single-site businesses and start-ups, to large retailers, public sector organisations and industrial clients. We have the experience across all sectors that matter.

Your energy needs would be in experienced hands.

Find out more about our partnership with EIC here. Alternatively, find out more about EIC themselves here.


Other EIC Partnership services NCASS Members are eligible for:

  • Free Energy Health Checks
    You are given practical and actionable recommendations to help you save on your energy bills after a thorough check of your energy requirements and costs.
  • Free Consultation
    A free, no-obligation consultation to find a tailored energy strategy to suit your business energy needs. Through this consultation you will be able to learn about your options and ways to save money.
  • Low Cost, Fixed-price Energy Procurement
    With a fixed energy contract, your business can save money and plan its budget easily, even if energy prices change. EIC Partnership can help you find the best and cheapest fixed energy procurement options for match your needs.



Meet Dave

Dave will perform your Free Energy Review.

David McMullen brings a decade of experience in procuring and managing business energy. He has a significant focus on assisting establishments in the hospitality sector.

When he’s not busy crafting energy solutions for his clients, Dave indulges in his passion for food and drinks, whether they’re of the traditional variety or more exotic, across the UK.

Given his love for exploring different cuisines, he seizes every opportunity to travel and sample the diverse flavours the world has to offer. Dave’s affinity for food can be traced back to his involvement in family-owned pubs from a very early age. Several members of his family have their own pubs.

What sets Dave apart is his commitment to long-term success. He doesn’t believe in quick wins. Instead, he cultivates enduring relationships with his clients based on open communication, trust, and a strong commitment to doing what’s right.

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