Keep Rising Costs Down with Your Fuel Card

Fuel Card

As an NCASS member you’re eligible to apply for your free fuel card, to help you keep rising costs down and help you run your business more efficiently.

There are two fuel cards available and at no cost. You only pay the fuel you use, at the negotiated rate.

Online Account Management Tool

Not only will you save money on your fuel, you’ll also have full control of your account with the online management tool, Velocity. Making managing multiple fuel cards easy; giving you the tools to run your account efficiently. Available on mobile and desktop you have control of your account.

What can you do with Velocity?

  • 24 hour access to your online account management
  • Stop and order fuel cards
  • Create and manage card holder groups
  • Comprehensive instant reporting
  • Easy access to your invoices
  • Find filling stations near you, or on your journey
  • View all your transactions on a map

Plan your journey with e-route

Save time and money using e-route to find out where you can use your fuel cards. It’s more than a site locator, e-route is a valuable tool for planning journeys.

By selecting a start and destination point, it can highlight all fuel sites for your journey with real-time traffic congestion levels. You can access e-route on mobile or desktop here. Alternatively you can download the e-route app on your mobile device.

Apply for yours today

Your fuel cards will allow you to focus on other areas of your business and help you keep those rising costs down. If you want to apply for your free fuel cards visit and fill in the short form.  You’ll receive a call back within 48 hours to complete the application for your fuel card account.


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