Starting up a mobile catering business might just be the best thing you ever do. And we can help you to do it the right way with lots of tools, advice and help on all things safe, legal and profitable. But before we get into all of that, check out these ten reasons why this industry is so great, and start getting excited about making it your own!

1. You can be your own boss

Many people dream of being their own boss. It’s the fantasy of not needing to answer to anyone else or have meddling managers interfere with your work when you clearly know best.

In your own business you make the decisions. Running your own mobile catering business allows you to do just that. (Within the boundaries of the law of course!)

2. The start up costs are generally pretty low

A lot of people are put off from running their own business because it requires a massive capital investment. Many just don’t have access to that amount of cash.

But it is possible to begin operating your mobile catering business with just a few thousand pounds. You won’t have a big fancy motorised trailer for that, but you can be operating regularly and making a tidy profit.

3. It’s a fairly low risk business

We always advise new mobile catering businesses to start operating at weekends and evenings. That means you don’t actually have to give up your day job until you know what you’re doing, and if you enjoy it.

In addition, if you decide it’s not for you, there is a ready market for good second hand units (like in our very own Buy & Sell section), so you won’t be too far out of pocket.

4. You don’t necessarily need that much experience

You don’t need a degree to start a mobile catering business, or to have had ten years prior experience (although that would help!). The main attributes you need are a bit of business understanding, good people skills, a hard working attitude and lots of ‘get up and go’ to drive you forward on the odd cold or wet morning.

5. It’s a springy spring board

We have known caterers that have set up and started trading with barely any investment, who have then gone on to build a fleet of vans worth hundreds of thousands, or moved into a restaurants with turnovers in the tens of millions!

Yes it really is possible. If Duncan Bannatyne did it then so can you!

6. The profit margins can be incredible

A typical gross profit margin in the mobile catering industry is between 65 and 85% with some as high as 95%! Few businesses offer those kind of margins, meaning you’ve got great potential to make a lot of money here.

You do of course have to pay for various things aside from stock, like your unit, rent and wages. But if you’re wise with these then you should be able to make some good money in this industry.

7. Your work life can be more flexible than ever

Mobile catering is exactly that: mobile. If business isn’t so great in one place you can simply move on to another. You can’t do that with a restaurant, office or factory! If you want to change the type of food you sell, then that can be done too.

8. It’s not boring

Who wants a boring job? Good news. In this industry you certainly won’t be bored. You’ll meet lots of different people from all different backgrounds and form friendships for life.

You can be operating on a roadside on Friday and at a rock concert on Saturday. And the days will fly by. You’ll love it.

9. It’s cool and it’s growing

Operating a mobile catering business is no longer simply about dingy trailers, grease and onions-with-that-yes-please. It’s turned cool. From converted VW Campervans to Kahuna huts, there’s a new generation of vendors who have brought chic to the industry.

The Street Food Revolution is in full swing and it’s not going away. New markets are springing up everywhere, and the public are loving being able to get quality food easily, quickly and affordably. If you’re thinking of running your own business, then mobile catering deserves some serious consideration

10. There’s a lot of support available

Supporting caterers is what the Nationwide Caterers Association is all about. We’ve been helping since 1987 and can give you all the advice, systems and tools you need to start up and run a successful food business.

As an NCASS member your business will be safe, legal and profitable. You’ll love being part of the family, trust us.

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