UK cities amongst best street food destinations in Europe

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The UK has proven that it’s up there amongst the best of them when it comes to street food options, as Manchester and Bristol were named amongst the top destinations in Europe.

The report by the cites the two English cities as hubs for foodies yearning to discover weekly markets and delicious delicacies served up under gazebos and hip food trucks.

This is what they had to say about the flourishing food scenes:

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Perched on the River Avon, with Gloucestershire to the north and Somerset to the south, multicultural Bristol is a hotbed of creativity and culture. Driven by its large student population and London diaspora, at the heart of this spirit of innovation is a flourishing food scene, exemplified by the ethnically diverse street food sold across the city.

Locals and visitors flock to daily and weekly markets where purveyors serve up delicacies from under gazebos and vintage trucks. Those in the know head to the six-day-a-week foodie heaven of St Nicholas Market, home to everything from Szechuan noodles and Persian wraps to zingy tacos and comforting pie and mash, while at the Tobacco Factory Sunday Marketpatisserie, Italian arancini and kombucha fly off the shelves.


Music-mad Manchester in northwest England has experienced something of a transformation in recent decades, shedding its rough-around-the-edges reputation and becoming a fertile breeding ground for modern commerce and culture.

The city’s market scene, previously centred around apparel and the occasional fruit and veg stand, now includes hip food trucks frequented by an army of hungry office workers – and leisurely locals on weekends – who flock to Arndale Market and Manchester Markets to pick from a cornucopia of world cuisine. Other hotspots include the outdoor food and drink concept, Hatch, and the Escape to Freight Island urban market. The city also plays host to the acclaimed Annual Manchester Food & Drink Festival.

Nominate your fave indie food spots

We have many members operating out of Bristol and Manchester, so if you’re one of the lucky ones who get to work across these vibrant cities and want to celebrate your experiences of the best independent food joints in the area, drop us some suggestions at [email protected]. For more updates on the hospitality industry click here.

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