Caterly enhances special occasions – by providing sense-sational food and drink experiences.

Join our community of caterers, who pour their heart and soul into their craft, and gain exclusive access to pre-paid private and corporate work.

By joining the Caterly Community, you will benefit from the below:

  • Exclusive pre-paid events
  • Your own Supplier Experience Manager
  • Work alongside some of the best caterers in the country
  • Good quality leads
  • No upfront cost
  • Being paid a substantial amount before an event
  • Transparency with fees

Our Story

Our passion to provide sensational customer experiences was born from a hunger to be better.

Our story owes a lot to our former, award-winning, street food business, which is where the Caterly journey began.

Whilst walking the cobbled streets at a food festival, it became abundantly clear – to best friends Aaron & Calum – that not all caterers have their customers’ best interest at heart.

Frozen meat. Cross contamination. Poor hygiene. Poor customer service.

It was on that day that we vowed to differentiate ourselves and continuously strive for excellence.

It was on that day that we vowed to create a community of independent caterers that are committed to providing the very best customer experiences.

It was on that day that Caterly was born.

We Care


Ultimately, our belief is that you are as important to us than any end client… without you, we have no business, which is why we work very hard to ensure that we create an interactive community that gives back to you because WE CARE.

Examples of this include:

  • Discounted NCASS rates For New Members
  • Free Marketing (via Google, and socials)
  • Free Video Content
  • Local & National Networking Events
  • Partnering With Our Local Communities to Feed Those Less Fortunate*
  • And many more

*Giving back to those less fortunate is a value very dear to our heart and the heart of the Caterly Community.

Find Out More:

Email: [email protected]


Joining The Caterly Community

Ultimately, whilst we are an invite-only community, we are more than happy for those who are interested to register an interest by sending an email to our Supplier Experience Manager at [email protected] – please include:

  1. An introduction paragraph about your business.
  2. Why you think you are a good fit for us.
  3. Your social media profile handles.

From this, we can begin Stage 1 of the Catering Excellence Benchmark® verification process.

We are committed to keeping the quality of food and service high within our community of caterers by working alongside caterers who also share this passion. Therefore, we take every food caterer through the Catering Excellence Benchmark® verification process to ensure that we keep to our promise with both our caterers and customers.

Providing successful completion of all 3 stages, we will award you with the Catering Excellence Benchmark® and welcome you to the Caterly Community.

Caterly FAQs

These 3 stages are:

 Stage 1: Online Visual Verification

  • 5* hygiene rating
  • Scoring a minimum of 4.5 in online reviews, aggregated across multiple platforms
  • Producing restaurant-standard, aesthetically pleasing, food out of a good-looking catering unit

Stage 2: Caterer Interview

If visually approved, we will reach out for an interview via a telephone call. On this call we conduct a thorough background research including:

  • Learning about the core values that underpin you, as people, and your business
  • Learning about your experience at previous event

Stage 3: Face-To-Face Observation

We will then meet you in person to taste-test your food and observe your customer interaction. The reasons we do this are:

  • To ensure that we have observed how hygienically they handle food
  • To ensure that the food taste and quality meets our high expectations

To ensure that the customer service given meets our high expectations

We care so much about our customers receiving the best quality service and food from the moment they enquire to the moment the caterer waves them goodbye after their event.

We want to create sense-sational experiences for our customers, therefore we want to ensure that the caterers we work with also share our same values and sense of care.

Unfortunately, we only work with caterers who have a 5* food hygiene rating. Please get back in touch to register an interest when you receive a 5* rating.

Once you have been welcomed into the Caterly Community, our sales team will reach out to you with opportunities, as they arise.

We grow our community of caterers in line with the amount of work we have in that area. We want to be able to give our caterers high-quality and plentiful work so we will never saturate an area with too many of one type of cuisine.

This can vary depending on the event, whether it is a private event or a corporate event.

Whatever the size, we will always ensure you receive the minimum amount you require.

We care. We want the experience for both the caterer and the customer to be sense-sational. We are an open and transparent company that will continuously strive for excellence. We don’t want to just work with anyone, we want to work with caterers who pour their heart and soul into what they do, which is reflected through the food and service they offer.

We come and meet you, face-to-face, before putting you forward for events because we want to know you personally and build a lasting relationship – only by doing that are we truly able to understand how we can best support you.

Additionally, having been caterers ourselves, we understand your pain points, which is why we pay a significant proportion of your deposit upfront, as well as ensuring quality leads with no upfront costs.

We have worked alongside a variety of corporate companies including: Holland and Barrett, Tour of Britain, Butternut Box, Specsavers, Vision Express, eBay, DHL and many more.

We work alongside all types of caterers – from formal high-end to street food trucks, from mobile horsebox bars to grazing table specialists!

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