Five Reasons To Set Up a Mobile Bar Business

mobile bar business

Getting into independent hospitality is always an exciting concept, but understandably can still be daunting. The prospect of owning and running your very own business excites many, with thousands of people in Britain setting out to make their mark in the industry every year.

Although it can seem a monumental step, getting into independent hospitality does not have to be such a gamble – one smart way to start in the sector is to consider running your own mobile bar business – and here we lay out five reasons why you should think about serving up your own Bloody Mary’s behind the hatch!


You can get started without a huge investment

There are plenty of second hand units you can get fairly cheap making this an accessible business to try out on a modest budget. With a bit of DIY help, kitting out your unit does not have to be expensive at all – you just want to make sure your unit is practical, appears professional and can securely stock what you need in order to trade. This is a perfect ‘dip your toes in the water’ business idea, and the stark truth is that running a business like this won’t be for everyone, so it is always the most sensible approach to give it a go without breaking the bank to start with, gain some experience running the business and then with an informed perception you may well decide the right move is to invest more and see how far a mobile bar business can take you.


This service is always in demand

Often with working in hospitality, peak trading can be seasonal leaving a lot of the calendar with gaps and question marks. With running a mobile bar business however, there is demand all year round – regardless of seasons and weather. There is no shortage of private events and weddings as well as corporate events that are a steady and reliable trade taking place throughout the year in various capacities. So it means a mobile business does not have to remain limited to summer only, and you can plan out bookings for a year ahead to really give yourself a good picture of how well you might do come the end of the year. The demand is always there – you just have to find it.


It’s a great opportunity to let your creativity flourish

A mobile bar business can act as a great creative outlet, and hospitality is well known for being an industry that can reward such creativity well. A business is a blank slate, and especially a mobile bar gives you the chance to create a whole brand concept from scratch. Typically, if your unit stands out and is visually appealing, you will attract attention, so it is worth spending some time and effort on this aspect. You can create a theme for the business, again this is something that an alcohol based business lends itself to really well and can go on to provide the sort of immersive experience being sought by customers. Why not tailor your drinks range – introduce bespoke cocktails for example.


Being your own boss

One of the most desirable perks to running this type of business, is the freedom it can provide. Of course the concept of owning your own business can be daunting, but it is even more so empowering. It is completely up to you – when you trade, where and how you trade, how you present the business. It offers a versatility that not many work opportunities do, meaning that you could achieve the success you wanted running a mobile bar as a part-time, weekend only business as a bit of fun to get out of the office and work private events for friends for example. A business will only work, if it works for you, so focus on that first and foremost and you’ll have a much better chance of achieving the success you envisage for the business. Do it your way.


The possibilities are endless

Starting out with a mobile bar business could be the beginning of an incredible journey in independent hospitality, maybe even one that completely transcends the sector. You could work a successful concept into a franchise across the UK for example, you could set your sights on opening your own fixed site premises to become the home of your brand. The hospitality industry is so vast that there are many worthwhile avenues starting a business like this could help you to explore. At the end of the day, you won’t know if you don’t try – so if you’re thinking about starting up a mobile bar business or are looking for a risk-averse entry into the hospitality sector, why not give it a go today?


There are plenty more reasons than just these five that we have laid out to consider setting up your own mobile bar business. To read more about the realities of setting up and running this kind of business find our brief guide here.

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