A Little Taste of Street Food Live

Street Food Live

With less than two weeks to go till the industry event of the year, we wanted to give you a little taste (pun very much intended) of what we’ve got in store.

Street Food Live is the ultimate destination in Europe for street food and catering professionals, giving you the tips, tricks and techniques to stay at the top of your game. If you operate in the food and drink industry then this is the best place to discover new technologies, new products and attend content rich seminars that will transform the future of your business.

Street Food Live is, amongst many other things, an educational event and we will be hosting several seminars and workshops over the days to inform, instruct and inspire you!  Here’s a little snippet of what we’ve got in store:

Driving your Street Food Brand

From starting-up to adapting, growing, and staying at the top of your game, this seminar will help you build your business into a successful brand. We’ll also explore how strong and consistent branding can help you to stand out against your competitors.

Learning from Experience

Our expert panel brings Street Food greats together. This not to be missed seminar will give you the inside story when it comes to Street Food, how to learn from mistakes and how opportunities can unexpectedly arise from crises.

Simplifying Safety Workshop

Does Health & Safety fill you with fear? How do you know whether you’re doing the right thing when it comes to best practice and the law? Our Health & Safety team are on hand to answer all your questions on everything from food safety law to insurance, using LPG gas safely to paperwork, working safely on event sites and everything in between.

Planning for Profit

Come ready with your questions to this practical session with our experts in business management and development. We’ll cover finance, funding, pricing, staffing and much more, this is a must for everyone no matter where you are in your journey.

Adapting to Change

If the last few years has taught us anything it’s that being agile is key, in this session we’ll be looking at the new ways of working that have stood the test of time and show you how you can implement them successfully.

What’s Next for the Sector?

Adversity and opportunity have gone hand in hand for our sector in recent years, so what’s changed? and what is on the horizon? We’ll cover topics including trends, opportunities for our sector locally & nationally, regeneration, the events industry and ask you what you want for the sector now.

This is not an event to be missed; whether you are already a successful street food brand, or you are taking those first steps into the industry, everyone can learn something new! Click here to register for your free tickets.

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